Thursday, March 31, 2011

A New Twist On Breakfast In Bed

Ever attend a wedding where they also host a morning after brunch for all of their guests to enjoy that stayed overnight? Think to yourself "this is so nice, maybe someday for my wedding I can do this!".... and then your very own wedding plans come along and your budget is, well, not as giving?!? Check this adorable and scrumptious idea out and you may have found a yummy alternative!

Arrange with your hotel concierge/manager to hand deliver these fantastic little baskets to your guests' rooms the morning after your big day. Fill them with mini corn muffins and miniature jams, lined with your choice of napkin with a little favor tag designed by JW Impressions, of course :) This thoughtful morning after arrival will leave your guests with nothing but a sweet taste in their mouth and it didn't compromise your "creative budget" at all! Once again, I wish I did this at my own wedding!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hand Cancelled Invitations

For those of you who are new to this stationery thing, here is your little "learn something new everyday" moment. Hand cancelling an invitation is simply when the post office hand stamps each envelope with a post mark instead of running it through a machine which does this automatically. Why do this you ask? Well, there are several reasons... First a foremost it is an added personal touch for your special event, you put so much tought into the contents inside the envelope why stop there?! A more practical reason is because this takes away the possibility of one of the invites getting ruined running through the machine, which if your invite is overly thick it may have to be hand cancelled anyway. Lastly it eliminates all of the other "not so elegant" marks the postal machine puts all over your envelope.

Yes, I have heard that some post offices may refuse to hand cancel invites upon request, but I have also heard that if you go into your local post office at a slower time that you should have no problem. I'd say it is certainly worth a try, think how they will look to your guests when they receive it in the mail. Just another special added touch that will remind them how lovely and elegant your wedding was or is going to be!

Monday, March 21, 2011

New Favor Alert: Personalized Note Card Sets

I saw this idea in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine and had to share it with you all! A stationery lovers perfect favor, personalized note card sets for each guest attending your wedding. Put these note cards at each place setting acting as both place card and favor (I would recommend still having escort cards to escort the guests to the appropriate table). Each correspondence card is 4" by 5.5" in size, using your choice of color for the cardstock and coordinating envelope. Simply tie each bunch, 8 per set, using ribbon, raffia, or twine and tada! My personal idea is to add your personalized wedding monogram on the back of each card for extra wedding flare.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Can't go wrong with black and white!

I admire nothing more then a timeless, classic, and elegant look for pretty much anything... especially for weddings! I wanted to showcase some of my favorite black and white pieces of wedding stationery that will never get old or go out of style! For more info on the below ensembles, please contact JW Impressions.

Presidio- by Checkerboard
Formal elegance with a contemporary twist! A play on the traditional black-on-cream wedding invitation, this dressy and oh-so-stylish collection features a dramatic jet invitation with silver print and a Geneva die- cut back pocket to hold your accessories. The central motif is your initials, encircled within a classic double seal that is playfully repeated on many of the accessories. Cream and jet accents complement one another throughout the collection, highlighted by accents of silver.
Seascape- by Checkerboard
Classic black-on-white beauty with exquisite texture! Your extra-heavy cardstock invitation in gleaming white is beautifully embossed on front and back with intricate ripples overlaid with a very subtle diamond pattern, evoking a swiftly flowing current or lapping ocean waves. The print block follows the slant of the ripples, taking your invitation out of the realm of the traditional and into ultra-modern! And just for fun, formal all-capital typeface alternates with all lower-case script to announce your special day.
Attune- by Checkerboard
Just exquisite!! 
J'Adore- by Checkerboard
With clean vertical lines and classic black and cream colors, this invitation is perfect for a truly tasteful wedding celebration. The embossed scroll design and luxurious black ribbon carefully tie the invitation together.
Black and white are combined to form this striking pocket invitation. The bright white card will feature all of your wording with an elegant, filigree design sweeping across the top. Coordinating respond and reception cards will feature a similar design.
This white card invitation features a black and white embossed floral design on the top and bottom that borders the wording of your choice.
Black background with a white damask design on the top and bottom.
This elegant invitations models an exquisite black damask on an ecru background.