Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My 15 Minutes of Fame!

Let me share a little snippet about my fun little fifteen minutes of fame! I normally wouldn't bore you with personal details but this is one of the very few exceptions I had to make.

My very own wedding was last year on July 3rd. My husband and I were married at the Merion Tribute House located in Merion Station, PA. The grounds and venue are just simply stunning! We couldn't have been happier with the choice we made to have the most important ceremony of our life at this beautiful, castle like, historical spot on the Main Line.

One of the many fantastic spots to take pictures at the Merion Tribute House is their very grand front door! When I saw it in person I knew I had to get a picture with it as my backdrop! Our photographer, Suzanne Collier Photography, and I knew this shot was a "must"!

Clearly the Merion Tribute House thought the same as they contacted Suzanne Collier Photography about using her work in a magazine ad they were looking to place. The magazine is Main Line Today, a local magazine that features articles on dining, shopping, people and events surrounding the infamous Main Line (Philadelphia, PA).

So here I am! Or at least the back of me! Thanks to Suzanne Collier Photography and the Merion Tribute House for making the memories of our wedding a little bit more special!

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