Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wedding Programs

Wedding programs: They are one of the few details that guests will have to take with them to remember your special day. Not only will your guests feel included in the ceremony they will also know who is who in the bridal party and which Groomsmen it was that "really let loose" at the reception! The most important piece to the program is that is a wonderful keepsake and record of the most important day of your life. 

What to include in a wedding program:

  • The Cover Page
    Typically includes the date and/or the names of the couple. It may also include the location and time of the ceremony, and sometimes a design element.
  • The Physical Ceremony
    If you haven't already included your names, wedding date, location, and time on the front cover, consider listing that information on the inside just before the order of events. Then list what will happen during the ceremony, including processional music, greeting, readings, prayers, exchange of vows, ring ceremony, any form of unification ceremony
    (i.e., unity candle, sand ceremony, hand ceremony, rose ceremony, etc.) , pronouncement of marriage, recessional music, and any other ceremony music. Your list may not include all of these elements, and it may include some traditions not listed here. Be sure to list the events in the order they will occur.
  • The Bridal Party
    This is a simple list of the names and roles of your bridal party. Some couples also like to include how they are related to the Bride or Groom. For example:
    Officiant: Pastor Jeffrey Evans
    Parents of the bride: Deborah Moyer and Jeffrey Wiker
    Parents of the groom: Ina Beebe and Andrew Beebe
     Grandparents: Betty Myers, Joan G. Wiker, Katherine Beebe
    Maid of Honor: Tiffany Merrick
    (relation example: Tiffany Merrick, Friend of the Bride)
    Best Man: Bryon Kremer
    Bridesmaids: Heather Petko, Laura Leidy, Rheanna Benson, Trinda Bernardo, Katelyn Whitcomb
    Groomsmen: Jason Musselman, Todd Hennessy, Craig Himmelwright, James Hope, Douglas Ziegler
    Readers: Dennette Myers, Kara Markley

Additional elements you may want to include in a wedding program:

  • Dedication
  • Thank yous
  • Memorials (for example: On this day of happiness, we would like to remember those who are no longer with us, especially Jason Reall, Step-Father of the Bride, and William Wiker, Godfather of the Bride.)
  • Quotes or poems about love or marriage
  • Directions to the reception 
  • Your new mailing address as Husband and Wife (if you have recently purchased a house to start your married life together)
Depending on how long your program is will somewhat determine what style of program you should select. There are styles of all kinds and sizes. Here are some of my favorites!

This is one of the several styles of a fan program... on a hot August day, this was perfect paired with a bottle of water for each guest to enjoy during the beautiful ceremony!

A Z-Fold Tea Length Program

I call this the "The Wristlet", it's for the couple that has a lot to say! Also looks adorable if you hang it on the corner of each chair lined up for your ceremony. 

The classic Bi-Fold Tea Length, with an insert page, bound by gorgeous satin ribbon (or ribbon of your choice)

A simplified version of the program above, the classic Bi-Fold Tea Length, with no insert page, just scored and folded down the center... simple and elegant!!! 

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