Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Envelope Garnish!

You've spent the time perfecting the invite, the respond card, the accommodations card, etc... now that the inside contents are taken care of, don't forget about the last piece to your ensemble... the envelope! The outside of the envelope is the very FIRST thing your guests will see as a part of your special event. Don't just slap an Avery laser-jet label with your return address printed slightly crooked onto your masterpiece! Take the extra step to wrap up your invite with a pretty little bow.

Below are some ideas of how to add that extra garnish to your invite, super cute huh!?

Return Address Printing: Coordinating fonts and inks stay with the theme of your invite and looks effortless. My personal favorite is to add a motif or monogram on the flap.
Envelope Icing: Truly the icing on the proverbial cake! This new twist on an address label also doubles as a guest address label for the front. Either have these addressed by a calligrapher or pre-printed digitally during the production process of the label itself.
The last idea is the most common but still adorable. Envelope seals: This literally seals your envelope with an adhesive label. Have a monogram or a cute quote printed on it and tada! Your envelope is officially garnished.

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