Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christina & Brian - 10.10.09

Christina and Brian's wedding was a fabulous project for me! I was so thankful for them to give me the chance to really get knee deep into the design of their wedding. This is a couple who didn't always know what they wanted, but together we created a vision that kept right in the theme of their fabulous navy and hot pink glamorous wedding! They were married at the Cairnwood Mansion in Bryn Athen, PA. My husband and I were delighted to be invited to this amazing wedding!

The venue is a very "Old World", castle-like, beautiful on it's own sort of place! So when it came to creating a design to fit this look, I knew exactly where to go... SCROLL! Scroll work screams classic and elegance to me, and Christina agreed the first time I showed her a sample of what I had in mind!

Christina and Brian wanted it all from me... it was SO fun! We ended up doing Rehearsal invitations, Wedding ceremony programs, beverage napkins, matches for their cigar bar, and lastly favor labels for their super cute and fun Chinese take out boxes that held custom and hand painted Christmas ornaments for each of their guests. (Talk about being thoughtful!)

They had their invitations done and sent out before they were introduced to my services (that's ok guys!), so we really wanted to keep with the theme and feel of the invite, but also make our pieces "a little more fun"! Between the scroll, hot pink and navy blue we also incorporated a pearl shimmer stock that we used for all stationery. The end result was just gorgeous! For the beverage napkins and matches we did a custom monogram that also ties into their thank you cards. So as you see, no detail was left behind!

All in all, this wedding was a lot of firsts for me, and I will forever be thankful that they put their trust in me to help create this beautiful and fun look for their special day! Thank you Christina and Brian, we had a blast at your wedding! A special thank you to Mike Landis Photography for these awesome pictures below!

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