Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wedding Save the Date Etiquette

Looking to send out the perfect Save the Date for your perfect wedding??? This is your "how to" guide of what to do and when to do it, and of course the what NOT to do's as well!

First things first, make your guest list. This is the hardest and most important task of sending out Save the Dates. Depending on your venue or budget you may need to create an A and B list. I like to call this the "MUSTS" and "MAYBES". Make sure that all parties that are financially contributing to the wedding have agreed and are happy with this list.

Once you have your date and ceremony/reception location set in stone you can move ahead with picking out the perfect Save the Date. This is where all of your planning of theme, color and "feel" will come together on paper. A lot of couples like to have their picture on their Save the Date, so if you wanted to do an engagement shoot with your photographer, now is a good time to set that up. If you are working with a stationery expert, like me, this is the time you would want to get in touch with them if you haven't already.

Try to keep in mind the overall look and design of your wedding stationery as a whole. This is a great start to your stationery theme and will most likely set the tone of what to expect later down the road. So in other words... make it good!

Don't get too caught up with formality of what to include or how to say it. The nice thing about Save the Dates is that it's not a "formal" invite! That will follow, so make sure to note that on the card somewhere, "Formal invitation to follow". You really just need your names, the date (HELLO MCFLY!), and the city the ceremony will take place in. If you are having a destination wedding include travel and area information ie. Resorts, flights, phone numbers, group booking plans etc. Lastly the latest trend is to include your wedding website for your guests to receive the latest updates in preparation to your big day. Do NOT include your registry information, this is considered very poor taste.

Save the Dates can come in many different shapes and sizes. It's all about your style as a couple and how you want your guests to perceive your wedding! Are you going for funky and fun, traditional and elegant, or maybe modern and contemporary? One of the fun things about Save the Dates is you can really get creative with your wedding theme, if it's a destination maybe make a scroll placed in a bottle, or a decorative shell, or even a passport look-a-like!!

Last but not least, when should you send these fabulous little wedding announcements out? The timing of when to send out Save the Dates can be debated for sure. Anywhere from 1 year if you are having a destination wedding down to 6 months prior for a local wedding. And remember, Save the Dates aren't necessary but they are becoming more of the "norm". That about wraps it up, you officially know almost everything you need to know about wedding Save the Date etiquette! As always, thank you for reading! Below are some cute ideas for Save the Dates.

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