Thursday, March 25, 2010

JW Impressions with Carlson Craft Stationery

I wanted to share with you another side to JW Impressions. Besides creating custom, one of a kind looks for my clients, JW Impressions also has access to many stationery lines that have their own amazing looks and designs too! The one stationery company I wanted to highlight in this post is Carlson Craft. This stationery line has so much to offer in regards to social stationery and gifts, from wedding ensembles to graduation announcements. Carlson Craft really does it all! They have price conscience as well as high end options, so either way you are bound to find something that fits within your budget.

The most exciting part of this is you can now browse on JW Impressions's very own dealer website that showcases EVERY product Carlson Craft has to offer! Unity candles, you got it! Baby shower invites... coming right up! Matches... go ahead, just type it into the seach bar. Take a peak and see if anything suits your fancy for your next event. I would be happy to assist you with the specifics on a particular item, provide you with samples, and of course order for you as well.

They key of ordering any Carlson Craft item through JW Impressions is... well JW Impressions! Because stationery is what JW Impressions is all about you can put your trust in me and know that whatever it is that we may be ordering together through this line, JW Impressions will make sure to dot all of the "I"s and cross all of the "T"s for you.

So go ahead, check out the latest from JW Impressions's "Exclusive Lines" (make sure to scroll down on this page by using the arrow). Thank you!

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