Saturday, March 2, 2013

Grand Opening of JW Impressions on ETSY

Grand Opening of my ETSY Shop

Finally! I've been talking about opening an etsy shop for a little while now, BB and AD. That's before baby and after baby incase you aren't familiar. It's finally opened, HALLELUJAH! I'm starting my etsy shop off with simple DIY (Do it yourself) printables. These are sold for a flat rate design fee. The designs are already complete, but the wording and color selections are up for change. I then will email the buyer (hopefully that's you) a proof of their invite/announcement and once it's approved by them they will receive a high resolution print ready PDF to print anywhere they please, as many times as they please (for personal use only). Simple, easy peasy in my opinion. 

I'm excited to be able to offer these pre designed looks to my followers that are interested in "point and click" purchasing. I understand that not ALL of the world likes the in depth process JW Impressions offers to clients when it comes to stationery needs for their social events. This is a place that takes all of the back and forth out of it, but still gives you my blood, sweat and tears in my designs. Every single design is made with utmost perfection in mind. I hope you all enjoy viewing the items for sale, and have a need for them in the near future. Check it out here!

Here are some of my personal favorites I've listed. 

As always, you have many colors to choose from. If you don't see the color you want... just convo me and I will add it!

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